Live on tour

With three exciting live multivision lectures (World Mountains, About Life & Nanga Parbat), Reinhold Messner is back on tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Guaranteed an unforgettable experience!

World Mountains - the 4th Dimension

Mountains where history was made: “World Mountains - the 4th Dimension” is Reinhold Messner’s latest and most visually powerful show.

He presents thirteen selected world mountains in a format that has never been seen before. At the German Aerospace Center, digital images were created on the basis of optical satellite data. From those images, which Messner presents exclusively, scientists created three-dimensional pictures with photographic realism. The result is "virtual" visualisations from previously unthinkable perspectives and with a previously unattained level of accuracy. For the audience, it means becoming a participant in historical expeditions and at the same time a witness to new, upcoming mountaineering challenges. Never before has it been possible to follow or plan routes on the mountain with such precision.

With his impressive knowledge and wealth of experience from his expeditions, Reinhold Messner fills the technically brilliant pictures with life. In the presentation, mountaineering experience reports are combined with the latest satellite-supported visualisation technology, the history of mountain climbing and photo-technical expertise to deliver a truly exciting overall picture.

  • Duration: approx. 2:15 h with break
  • Book signing session
  • Book sales

Survival / About Life - the new live presentation

What does homeland smells like? How much freedom does a child need? How vital are fear, egoism and instinct? In his new multivision show, Reinhold Messner describes his progress from a mountain boy in South Tyrol to the greatest adventurer of our times.

With his uncompromising ascents of the world’s highest mountains, he achieved something that was considered unattainable at the time. He pushed back the bounds of possibility and in doing so became the most famous mountaineer of our time. In those expeditions he saw how survival works. With this experience, he also achieved the other milestones of his life as an explorer of limits – and as a desert adventurer, a politician and mountain farmer, the founder of a unique series of museums, and as a family man and father of four children. With eloquent words and powerful images, he looks back on seven decades that were shaped from an early age by encounters with death and nature at its extremes. Reinhold Messner, whose curiosity remains unbroken, speaks in unadorned words about the very essence of his life and wrestles with concepts like courage, passion and responsibility. He talks about ambition and shame, nightmares and the inevitability of ageing, about new beginnings and the ability to let go in the end.

  • Duration: approx. 2:15 h with break
  • Book signing session
  • Book sales


Tour dates

Date Start Place Hall Infos/Hotline
03.10.202420:00OberhausenCongress Centrum Luise Albertz Oberhausen (Über Leben)
19.10.202419:00RohrdorfTurner Hölzl (Über Leben)
04.11.202420:00AarauKultur- und Kongresshaus (Nanga Parbat)
05.11.202420:00ChamLorzensaal (Sturm am Manaslu)
06.11.202420:00RosenheimKU'KO Kultur+Kongress Zentrum (Kalipe')
07.11.202420:00ErlangenHeinrich Lades Halle (Kalipe')
08.11.202420:00Neu-UlmEdwin-Scharff-Haus (Kalipe')
10.11.202411:00LeipzigCongress Center Leipzig - Saal 1 (Sturm am Manaslu)
10.11.202418:00LeipzigCongress Center Leipzig - Saal 1 (Kalipe')
17.11.202419:30Kurhaus Bad Tölz Wunderfalke Events (Über Leben)
19.11.202419:30CoburgKongresshaus Rosengarten (Über Leben)
20.11.202419:30ErfurtArena Erfurt - Parksaal (Über Leben)
21.11.202420:00FürthStadthalle (Über Leben)
22.11.202419:30Jena Sparkassen Arena (Über Leben)
23.11.202419:30IllmenauFesthalle (Über Leben)
24.11.202417:00IlsenburgHarzlandhalle (Über Leben)
25.11.202420:00Dresden Kulturpalast (Nanga Parbat)
26.11.202419:30EsslingenNeckar Forum (Nanga Parbat)
27.11.202419:30FreiburgKonzerthaus (Über Leben)
28.11.202419:30LörrachBurghof (Nanga Parbat)
03.03.202519:30Suhl Congress
23.03.202518:00StuttgartTheaterhaus (Über Leben)
24.03.202519:30SindelfingenStadthalle (Über Leben)
25.03.202519:30Reutlingen Stadthalle (Über Leben)
26.03.202519:30Tuttlingen Stadthalle (Über Leben)
27.03.202519:30Schaan - LiechtensteinSaal am Lindaplatz (Über Leben)
02.04.202520:00Dresden Kulturpalast (Über Leben)
03.04.202519:30Suhl Congress Centrum (Über Leben)
04.04.202519:30GothaKulturhaus (Über Leben)
05.04.202519:30Röthenbach an der PegnitzKarl-Diehl-Halle (Über Leben)
06.04.202518:00ErdingStadthalle (Nanga Parbat)
07.04.202519:30Crailsheim - HangerDie Eventlocation (Über Leben)